The 15100 miles is actually km in germany

  • 2000 OPEL VECTRA
  • 151,000 MILES

The 15100 miles is actually km in germany

i need English help not German

my problem is while driving my car lets say about 100 km 120 km the engine acts like it wants to die but not all the way its like it looses power but just for a split second. The engine light flashes but off quickly I had two diog. Test done but no faults found. Had a friend that is a mechanic look at it and he had it do it to him as well but he got the car up to almost 200 km on the autobahn and some black smoke came out and since then it stopped doing the acting like dying stuff for about 3 weeks. And just recently it started again. Any help on what the problem would be or could be would be great specially since being in Germany everything is expensive and since there is no faults found on the test. Thanks for your help


Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 AT 3:32 PM

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