Rear End Issues

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I have recently purchased this vehicle and since day one, the rear passenger side tire seems to "catch" now I knew the rear caliper was bad so I replaced both calipers and brakes. The car still seems to do this more often when I make a right turn, the tighter the turn the harder it seems to want to go, especially at low speeds It still after the calipers have been replaced (they were bad). No problems during driving. I do know that sometimes when I put into gear it will not automatically start rolling like a vehicle normally does. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. My ABS light is on and I had it checked and it says my Driver side wheel sensor is bad. I know its part of the bearing and havent replaced it yet. Can the light being on cause this issue? If not what else can it be? I have checked the rear tire to see if the bearing is bad and the tire has no give, so I dont believe the bearing is bad. Also there have been a few times where the ABS light goes off for a few seconds and when it does, its hard to brake. As I push the brakes it makes a funny noise and is hard to push down? Can this all be related to the Front wheel sensor? Please give me some ideas, I would greatly appreciate it

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 AT 3:47 AM

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