There, I was trying to install a dome.

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Hi There,
I was trying to install a dome light bulb in my car while the security light was on in my car, which means the battery was not disconnected. While installing the bulb I shorted the bulb to the metal roof and saw a small spark for just half of second and then later I found the security of the car is not working and the dome light and all four door light is not turning on and I have to lock car manually and more thing the car is taking a little bit longer time than usual to start. I did try to find the blown fuse but couldn't find the right fuse. Kindly help me to find the right fuse for dome light, all four door lights and the security lock.
the trip computer is resetting each time I turn on my car and is not showing the range to empty fuel.
Kindly answer me thanks a heaps in advance.

Monday, February 25th, 2013 AT 9:14 AM

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