2000 Cougar

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 114,000 MILES
How do u remove a 2.5 engine on a 2000 mercury cougar?
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Monday, March 7th, 2011 AT 10:33 PM

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Release fuel pressure and disconnect fuel lines.
Use suitable support tool and prop open hood.
Disconnect negative and positive battery cables from battery.
Remove water pump pulley shield.
Disconnect coolant hose. Remove air cleaner assembly. Disconnect vacuum supply hose. Discharge A/C system using approved refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment.
Raise and support vehicle. Remove engine lower cover, if equipped. Remove radiator splash shield, and drain coolant. Disconnect lower radiator hose from radiator. Drain transmission fluid. Lower vehicle. Disconnect accelerator cable. Remove speed control cable from throttle lever. Disconnect EVAP hose. Remove speed control cable bracket. On M/T, loosen central junction box screws and position box aside. Remove battery bracket.
On all models, remove coolant overflow tank hoses. Disconnect coolant level indicator connector and remove overflow tank. Remove all coolant hoses. On A/T models, disconnect shift selector cable. On M/T models, drain brake fluid reservoir and remove clutch slave cylinder hydraulic line. On all models, disconnect starter motor wiring. Open starter positive cable housing and remove positive cable.
On A/T models, disconnect electrical connectors from transmission shaft speed sensor, transmission control unit, temperature gauge sender and transmission range sensor. On all models, loosen, but DO NOT remove, right side top suspension strut nut 5 turns. Disconnect A/C suction-accumulator connector. Disconnect fan motor connector. Remove fan ground cable from body. Disconnect fan wiring harness and remove fan. Disconnect heater control vacuum hoses.
Drain power steering fluid reservoir and remove reservoir. Remove rivets from Powertrain Control Module (PCM) cover plate. Disconnect PCM and ground cable. Disconnect power steering pressure switch connector. Disconnect power steering pressure and return lines and ground cable. Disconnect ground cables from transaxle and remove electrical connector, if equipped. On M/T models, disconnect shifter cables from shifter lever. Remove attaching nuts, and position shifter bracket aside.
On A/T models, disconnect main engine wiring harness connector. Remove transaxle upper cooling line. Raise and support vehicle Remove lower transaxle cooling line. On all models, remove exhaust "Y" pipe and catalytic converter. Remove right wheel and tire. Remove right side lower inner fender splash shield. Disconnect vehicle speed sensor connector. Disconnect right side ball joint from steering knuckle.
On A/T models, loosen right side subframe mounting bolts. On all models, disconnect right side axle shaft from intermediate shaft and wire axle shaft aside. Remove heat shield from intermediate shaft bracket, if equipped. Remove intermediate shaft. Remove left side axle shaft from transaxle.
On models with A/C, remove one bolt from each side of radiator and remove A/C condenser core. Disconnect A/C compressor electrical connector. On all models, remove radiator and cooling fan. Disconnect left oxygen sensor connector. Remove coolant pipe. Remove accessory drive belt. On models, with A/C, remove compressor heat shield. Remove compressor attaching bolts and position compressor aside.
On A/T models, remove plastic cover and remove 4 nuts to disconnect torque converter from engine drive plate. Remove left side transaxle flange bolts. Remove lower transaxle flange bolts. Lower vehicle. On M/T models, remove left side engine support insulator. Remove right side engine support insulator. Remove right side engine support insulator bracket. Lower vehicle.
On all models, attach engine lifting bracket (T70P-6000) to engine, and engine hoist. On A/T models, remove transaxle flange upper mounting bolts. Remove starter. Remove ignition wire bracket from upper front support insulator. Remove upper front engine support bracket. Remove front engine support insulator. Remove drive belt tensioner. On M/T models, remove front and rear engine support insulator. On all models, with aid of an assistant, carefully lower and remove engine.
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