2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee



March, 15, 2011 AT 5:46 AM

I have a 2000 Jeep Granad Cherokee with Quadra Trac II. I recently replaced the front passenger axle due to a bad CV boot and now it sounds like I am slipping whenever I step on the gas. Almost a grinding for a second until it catches. I am afraid that my auto parts store gave me the wrong axle but don't know how to tell. I contacted Jeep and they told me that I have a DJJS Dana 30/186MM Front Axle. So how do I know what to order from a parts place? I do not want to go to the dealer because they cost of the parts is INSANE! I found two axles for it. One is 41 3/32" (1044mm) and the other is 40 1/8" (1019mm). And do I have Vari-Lok or not? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


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June, 12, 2011 AT 4:05 AM

From the measurements, neither axle is correct that you found. Have you told the parts store what differential you have?

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