0bd2 test reads that my O2 heater senser circuit.

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  • 2000 JAGUAR S-TYPE
  • 133,000 MILES

0bd2 test reads that my o2 heater senser circuit is out in bank 1 senor1, bank1 senor2, bank2 senor1, bank2 senor2 is that all the o2 sensors in the 2000 stype 4.0. If it is isn't that unlikely all four would go out at the same time. I checked the fuse for o2 heater senors even replaced fuse its fine. The car is cranking acts like it wants to fire. So I bought obd2 got the codes on the 4 o2 sensors and want to know what I got to due to get back on the road im not a mechanic and im at a total loss.

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 AT 3:28 AM

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