2000 Honda Accord


Johnathan henderson

May, 30, 2012 AT 3:14 PM

I have been noticing that when I am driving my automatic transmission slips in first gear but is fine through out the rest of the time. Also when I am coming to a stop when the transmission is downshifting, it shifts hard going into first.


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May, 30, 2012 AT 3:59 PM

Something is going wrong with the first gear and it could be electrical, mechanical or hydraulic. If the MIL is indicating, get a scan done to check for trouble codes. If no trouble codes are present, check fluid level and condition. Replace fluids if necessary and retry.



May, 31, 2012 AT 4:15 AM

Similar issue!

My 2002 Accord(V-6/V-Tec)with auto tranny and 95,000 miles runs great except for the occasional 'jerking' or 'slipping' that feels like the transmission.

It becomes more noticeable when accelerating somewhere between 0 to 15mph and even more if accelerating up a driveway or small hill! Also, during 'stop and go' traffic, I am sometimes able to take of quickly without a problem. But then other times it seems like I press the pedal about a half second before the RPM's increase.

I really hope that these are not early signs of a major tranny disaster.



May, 31, 2012 AT 4:32 PM

It could be an early sign of trouble but then again I have ever come across vehicles showing the same issues but are still on the road after a few years.

If there are trouble codes, it might give you some idea what could be wrong, usually electrical but if there are none, then just pray it does not give up till you are ready to give up on the vehicle.

There is nothing much you can do about it if it is mechanical and you can continue to use it till it fails. However if the symptoms becomes regular, that is when you should be prepared for it to fail.

In the meanwhile if the trans fluid had not ben replaced for some time, get it done. Always ensure the fluid level is correct and fluid quality is good.

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