I recently had a hose blow out on Ranger and.

  • 2000 FORD RANGER
  • 115,000 MILES

I recently had a hose blow out on Ranger and water got in the power steering pump. Of course I didn't know, so after replacing the hose, I took it for a drive. As soon as the pump started screaming at me, I returned to the house. I drained the dark, frothy fluid and, with a bucket under the detached line, flushed a gallon of power steering fluid through and out of the system. I topped off the pump with clean PS fluid and it ran fine for a week. 2 things.I read online that the PS pump uses Mercon Auto Tranny Fluid. Should I flush it again and refill with ATF? Also, I have no brakes. I believe all Ford's use the hydro-boost system. Could the fuild change effect the braking system?

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 4:53 PM

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No, power steering fluid is good. Good job flushing it.

No hydroboost on the ranger. It has a vacuum booster.

Did you look for brake fluid leaks?


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Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 5:17 PM

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