2000 Ford F-150



February, 19, 2013 AT 4:20 AM

I just had driveline work done. The center support bearing on my long bed truck went bad. When I got truck back, drove great for 85 miles. Then when coming from stop sign, truck acted like not in gear. Then it slowly accelerated to 14 miles an hour. After that, drove fine. That happened at next two stop signs. Looked in handbook, it said at should be driven to check transmission fluid. Temp was below 32 and car would not move at all. Next day, tried again (temp over 60), duplicated original problem. Checked fluid, seemed too full if anything. Plus fluid seemed foamy. Called driveline place, talked to tech, he said no fluid had leaked when driveshaft removed, so they did not replace any. Removed about 10 oz through dipstick tube. Still foamy after driving

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