2000 Ford Explorer



April, 13, 2014 AT 2:29 PM

In my explorer, I got in it to go somewhere and turned the ignition to start it and everything went dead like its not getting enough juice from the battery. I checked the battery and it had a full charge, so I cleaned the terminals all the way of the corrosion that was on it, tried again and it started right up. So I go somewhere and go to start it and it doesnt start again, so I mess with the terminals again, clean them again and it starts up, I take it home turn it off, try it again and no start. So as Im getting frustrated I again clean the terminals which by now are crystal clean and it starts, tried it 30 mins later and it starts, tried it again and no start, I can't understand whats going on with it, does it need new connectors or is there another bad ground wire somewhere?


1 Answer



April, 13, 2014 AT 3:48 PM

Could be the starter relay or the starter motor itself

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