On 19 November, I took my car to a mechanic for.

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On 19 November, I took my car to a mechanic for an $29.00 oil change. A few hours later I received a call from the mechanic telling me a hose needed replacing and new spark plug. He stated if I went to an auto shop (AS) to get a new hose and spark plugs he wouldn"t charge me for labor I went to auto zone and bought parts nd dropped them off at the repair shop. Later I recieved a call and was told my car would be ready the next day. Because a mechanic got sick and they were short handed. Around closing the next day I retuned to the (AS) and was presented a bill for $328.00. I told the mechanic I didn't approved anything beyond a 100.00. He showed me the invoice for work he did. "Removed and replaced cover and upper hose intake gaskets and thermostat hosing, Remove and replaced spark plugs, repair tans hose and a PCV Elbow. I expressed my dissatisfaction and paid the bill. I went out to my car and turned the inigtion and the car wouldn't turn over. I gave ti a little gas and the ccar started. However, when I put it in drive and moved about a foot. The car cut off. I repeated the steps and got the same results. I called the mechanic over and asked him what did they do to my car. I never had to give my car gas to state it and certainly did not have the car cut off. They raised the hood on my car and repeated the steps I performed. Car still cut off. Both mechanics stated they didn't know what was wrong and asked me to leave the car overnight again. The next day was Thanksgiving so I told him I would return the day after and expected my car to operate as it did when I dropped it off on the 19th. My calls went unanswered and was given excuses i.E, the mechanic working on my cc ar was ill and would be in on Saturday. Monday morning I went the shop and my car was not ready. They were still trying to figure out what was wrong. I returned yesterday Tuesday evening and was told their was a wire spliced and put together by someone prior to me dropping off my car a week ago. They stated as a result the car's brain nedded to be replaced. A new brain for y car could run up to $800.00 new or $400.00 used. I told them I to do what they needed to do to have my car running. But I would not pay another penny more than what I had already paid. That's when the mechanic turned off the lights and started locking up the shop nd told me to come back tomorrow. Please tell me what I should I do.
Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 AT 5:46 PM

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First thing save your bill for repirs that weren't authorized. Also write eveyrthing down you can. Have the car towed to another shop that you know is reputable or have friends that have good service there. Tell the person at teh new shop everything that you sent the car to be done, basically an oil change an dnow it's screwed u p. When he gets doen fixing this contact a state auto repair agency if you have one to have these guys license lifted. Or contact a lawyer or court to sue these guys, Things like thsi shouldnot happen and give all of us honest mechanics a bad name. Good luck but have the car towed immediately
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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 AT 6:09 PM

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