My buddy & I rebuilt the upper engine.

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Hi, My buddy & I rebuilt the upper engine on my 00 Daewoo Leganza 2.2L DOHC.
I need a vacuum diagram or a couple pictures of the upper engine with the big air intake tube that goes into the throttle body off because I'm missing something because it sat so long.
It drives okay 40% of the time on my short 5 mile tests runs, but the other 60% of the time it acts like it is going to die & will at a stop sign unless I put it in park, then it idles fine. Also if at a stop light I double foot it, the break peddle is forced up almost hydraulically that I can't keep it down when double peddling to keep 800 RPM's?
Yes there is some codes, but there is also 2 vacuum hose connections on the throttle body that don't have homes & obviously don't connect together without something at least to go in between, but I have no parts left to put on & its been months. I can add pictures soon if that helps, but elementarily those hose connectors are most likely the problem, but I can't find the vacuum diagram online anywhere & looked in some manuals & nada, online pictures all are of complete engines that look all purdy but block the area I need to see.

Furthermore this is some other relevant odd experiences I'm having,
There is a whistling sound when it warms up after about 10 minutes that doesn't go away unless accelerating & comes back when no more accelerating, also there is a rapid paint can rattling sound when accelerating hard towards the end of the shifting cycle. That has always been there & is how I noticed the original belt was tore up a little, so I replaced it, but over tightened a tensioner pully & it broke & the belt came off & valves bent but I replaced everything that time. But the rattling always has been there (i've only drove the car about 2k miles in the 1 year I owned it) Please help thank you

Monday, March 11th, 2013 AT 4:02 AM

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