I would like to request help with my sisters car.

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I would like to request help with my sisters car her husband is overseas and I am trying to help her.
She has had severe idling problens for about a year. ICV was replaced 14 months ago due to high reving. Throttle body has recently been cleaned by an auto workshop I have inspected this to make shure it was done but noticed carbon build up past the throttle assembly when inserting a toothbrush.1 month ago she started experiencing hard starting cutting out with low revs until warm. 5 days ago the icv inner workings blew out on startup with revs then going to 3000.I have now replaced the icv this myself (opel astra part)but on 8 startups revs still went up to 3000. The car now starts at about 1.300 reves then SLOWLY returns to approx 900 - 1000. Response from the icv is now slower than normal. Could this be because the part is new or could further problems be brewing. Engine check light has been on all this time but workshop says all is ok. Please comment.
Andrew Jackson.

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Thursday, January 10th, 2013 AT 8:39 PM

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