Chrysler was having battery problems the same.

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Chrysler was having battery problems the same day I drove thru a flood the car stalled and cut off. After getting it started and flushing the exhaust pope out it worked good enough to drive home. Once I turned the car off and back on it wouldn't start. So I took the battery to auto zone and the charged it said was good just got corrosion on the battery so I cleaned it also changed the post. The car has juice but still won't start sounds like the starter cause the alternator is new as while. Just got it towed to the shop and when I opened the door the lights won't cut off to the door yet their closed. The dashboard signal that tells you what doors are open is on and won't cut off also the milage is lit up plus dim. You would think the battery is going dead but I just got it charged and tested please help

Friday, December 7th, 2012 AT 11:15 PM

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