K3500 DUALY 4X4 6

2000 Chevrolet Truck



December, 19, 2012 AT 2:20 AM

K3500 DUALY 4X4 6.5 dIESEL MAKING A SHARP LEFT TURN MY BRAKES BEcome very hard and I lose them, ilet off the brake and start my rreturn to right and they're fine, this only happens on a left hand turn.I've been through 3 hubs on the left, 2 sets of calipers, and had the rubber brake lines in front re-placed 4yrs ago 4sets of rotors and flused my pwr steering with Sea Foam p/s flush.I think it worked for 3 turns, I have a hydrobust system. Thank, i'm at witts end about now, Ion a fixed in-come now and can't pay a dealer ship to try hit and miss tatics. Thanks Russ

2 Answers



December, 19, 2012 AT 2:30 AM

I'll be looking for your reply thanks.I have 166K (thousand) miles on my trk.



December, 19, 2012 AT 2:34 AM

My first thought is either a pressure issue with the power steering pump. The other is the hydro boost.

Have the line pressure checked. As far as the flushing, just use clean fluid. Using additives usually causes more issues.


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