2000 Chevrolet Silverado



February, 24, 2013 AT 8:03 PM

This is a 4.8 litre vortec engine. It runs for about 5 min. And then just quits without stumbling. Stops dead. Then just cranks and will not start. Plus no spark

After a while it will start and do the same thing. Quit and no spark.

I doubt all the coil packs have failed together and then come back together.

What could be causing this?


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February, 24, 2013 AT 10:17 PM

When problem is ongoing, did you check for primary voltage to the coil/s, pink wire, goes hot with the key on. Are you missing anything besides spark, like injector pulse? Your injector/s and coil/s use same primary voltage.



February, 28, 2013 AT 3:59 AM

When it would not start, no spark, there was power and ground to the connector at the coil pack.
Did not have a hertz meter at the time so did not check the trigger wire.
Where can I find a proper electrical circuit for this without buy a 2 or 3 hundred dollar shop manual?



February, 28, 2013 AT 4:44 PM

Check the crank sensor. Any applicable trouble codes? To check codes yourself, at the least, you need an obd2 code reader.

If you specify a particular system I can give you some wiring diagrams.

For a small yearly fee, one vehicle, You can access the same database we use, Mitchel.

The autozone site has free wiring diagrams in their vehicle repair section. Some libraries carry automotive databases, they have wiring diagrams. If you live in the area the library serves, the info is free. At least one of the library databases, you can access on your home computer. Not as good as Mitchel but better than nothing. If you live outside the library serving area, you can buy access for a small yearly fee. You get access to wiring diagrams for every year--make--model that they carry, that is a bunch.

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