The clicking turned into a loud crunk

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I'll start at where I think the problem started. I didn't fill up the tank until it was empty, but then filled it up. It took a little while (like 3-5 miles), but I started feeling a strange clicking in my gas and clutch peddles. It started off quiet and I just thought "Hmm what a funny sound. I should take it to the shop next time I have time." Things happened and I wasn't able to get to a shop and I was forced to continue driving. The clicking sound and feeling grew louder and more intense. I was driving it one night home thinking "This is the very last time I drive it before I take it in" because the noise was so loud and it felt like at any moment something was going to explode out from under my car. As I was driving the sound grew louder and louder until a loud crash/crunk noise happened. The car still drove and I could accelerate, brake and change gears, but soon my check engine light started blinking. The clicking noise had been replaced by a low lagging sound and my car didn't have the umph that it used to. Also, when I would come to a stop at a light or stop sign, my car would shut off. I made it home luckily. What's the problem? Can I fix this myself?

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 AT 6:44 PM

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