2000 Chevrolet Impala



August, 20, 2012 AT 10:33 PM

Im basically planning on changin the thermostat for a friend of mine tommorow
And I would like a step by step jus to make sure I dot my I and cross my t's

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August, 20, 2012 AT 11:01 PM



1. Remove the air cleaner intake duct.

2. Partially drain the cooling system.

3. Use the Hose Clamp Pliers (J 38185) to reposition the hose clamp from the water outlet housing.

4. Remove the radiator inlet hose from the water outlet housing.

5. Remove the exhaust crossover pipe.

6. Remove the water outlet housing bolts.

7. Remove the water outlet housing and the gasket.

8. Remove the thermostat.

9. Clean the water outlet mating surfaces.


1. Install the thermostat.

2. Install the water outlet gasket and housing.

3. Install the water outlet housing bolts. Tighten the bolts to 25 N.M (18 ft lbs).

4. Install the exhaust crossover pipe.

5. Install the radiator inlet hose to the water outlet housing.

6. Use the Hose Clamp Pliers to reposition and install the hose clamp to the water outlet housing.

7. Install the air cleaner intake duct.

8. Fill the cooling system. Refer to COOLING SYSTEM BLEEDING.


1. Open air bleed screw located on thermostat housing 2-3 turns. Slowly fill cooling system through radiator neck to base of radiator neck. Wait 2 minutes. Recheck fluid level. Add coolant to restore level to base of radiator neck.

2. Install radiator cap. Close air bleed screw. Fill coolant reservoir with 1 quart (.95L) of coolant.

NOTE: The Low Coolant warning/indicator lamp may come on after this procedure. If after operating the vehicle so that the engine heats up and cools down three times, the Low Coolant warning/indicator lamp does not go out, or fails to come on at the ignition check, and the coolant is above the full cold mark in the reservoir, refer to Low Coolant Warning/Indicator Lamp in Electrical Diagnosis. If at any time the Temperature warning/indicator lamp comes on, immediate action is required. Turn OFF the engine and allow the vehicle to cool. Do not remove the coolant recovery reservoir cap at this time.



January, 6, 2016 AT 3:36 PM

Can I get past the muffler exaust n heat shield to get the thermostat to come off? And do I have to take the half inch pipe off where the two little hoses and the bracket attach just above the thermostat on a 2001 Chevy venture van

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