2000 BMW 318i door lock problem

  • 2000 BMW 318I

My 2000 bmw318 e46 central locking has not been working for a long time(all the doors can be locked from inside the car using the button on the console next to the hazard light button, however the remote does not work and even when I lock the car with the key, the red alarm indicator light under the rear view mirror does not flash). It wasnt working when I bought it and I did not bother to get it fixed. I have been using the key to get into the car.
yesterday I locked my car with the key and now it wont open. When I put the key in it jus turn all the way round 360 degrees. Also when I turn the key to unlock I hear a 'click' sound but the lock does not open. I cant get into the car. Is it a broken lock or a deadlock. Aby help would be really appreciated. Thanks. Sunny

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Saturday, March 26th, 2011 AT 5:04 PM

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