I searched your site, and I didn't find quite.

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I searched your site, and I didn't find quite what I needed. You might add this to your set of answers. Thanks, great site!
Did you fill the new fuel filter with diesel before screwing it on? (No, I didn't) If not very probably you got air in the lines.
1) Make sure you replaced the T fitting o-rings or the pump won't be able to develop enough vacuum to draw the fuel in
2) Get the air out of the fuel feed section. Loosen the injector lines at the injectors and crank the motor over. Use caution as the diesel fuel can be under a lot of pressure here, enough to "inject" it right into your skin. Loosen all, or at least half of the injectors at a time so the motor will at least run. You may need to crank it as many as 3 times to get all of the air out. Do not turn over for more than 30 seconds and let the starter rest for 2 minutes between turning it over so you don't burn up the starter. This will usually get you started. The motor will run very rough at first as it is purging the last of the air from the lines. Close up the lines, ideally while it is running, but if the air is out you can close them up while the engine is stopped.

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