The car recently had the fuse box over the.

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The car recently had the fuse box over the battery replaced, and the mechanic didn't make sure it was seated properly. The line to the positive post on the battery was loose and the car stopped several times without power until the line was jiggled. I finally discovered what that issue was, but now, the car will start fine, drive for some distance, then start violently cutting out, followed by the chime of the check engine light. Sometimes, the car will reset and continue running properly; often, when it is at a traffic light, the car simple stops, requiring a restart. It is now dangerous to drive. Also. When it cuts out, the gauges in the panel fluctuate, and on several occasions, the gauges reset to a higher value (instead of zero, a speed of 20 as it idles, or gas at 3/4 instead of 1/2, etc). I assume the issue is a relay of some sort, but it didn't show when the technician hooked it up to the computer. Any ideas? Thanks, Dene

Monday, January 21st, 2013 AT 10:32 PM

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