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Tried to get inspected. Threw code p0507. Rpm needle flucuates slightly while going down the road. No smell of gas. I was told I needed a smoke test.90.00, and I probably had a vacuum leak at the intake.200.00. Is this the easiest and cheapest start for diagnosing this problem, or is the auto shop gauging me? My brother in law is very mechanically inclined, and found my Grand Am does not have a EGR. And per the emissions label. It has no mention of a EGR. Its a 4 speed 2.4 L engine. So now we know that is not the problem. Would the IAC sensor be a good place to start so the top of the engine doesn't have to be taken down, and a 8 hour smoke test doesn't have to happen right now? My funds are very limited, and I just need advice on the simplest, cheapest problems to do first before running up a huge bill I will definately have a problem paying.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Saturday, December 1st, 2012 AT 5:21 AM

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