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  • 1999 PONTIAC 1000
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Okay I am stuck. I have a 99 bonneville. No check engine light and it starts every time no problem. I took it to the mechanic because I had poor acceleration it was just really hesitating when I would be at a stop and need to take off. He had me replace the cat converter and then my fuel pump and filter. Then the problem was still not fixed and began stalling randomly while driving and you can put it in neutral and it starts up immediately. He then said I had a coil misfiring and replaced that and that did not fix the problem. I then replaced the fuel filter again. Two years ago I had this problem and discovered that their was a recall on the fuel pressure regulator and got it replaced at the dealership and it fixed the problem. But everyone says that since I have proper psi for the vehicle then it can't be the problem. I've seen people talking about MAF or ECM. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on my problem since I cannot take it to the shop anymore and have to continue fixing it myself and the MAF and ECM are pretty expenisive and don't want to replace them for no reason. ( By the way when I had the fuel pressure regulator replaced due to the 99 bonneville having a recall on it, mechanics told me the one I had was good, but after it was replaced with a new one I didn't have the stalling problem anymore)

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 AT 8:42 PM

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