Parked van for 2hrs was running great, then.

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Parked van for 2hrs was running great, then restarted it Engine is backfiring through manifold does not seem to be running on all cylinders its a 6 cylinder 3.3 L it also seems to be flooding. Or running rich can not drive it only starts with the gas pedal to the floor
heres what happened drove van it was running great, parked it for 2hrs. Then started it up. Then it was not running right. Was missfiring. Shooting out black smoke. Took to a shop who changed the plugs and told me they do not know whats wrong, I did a coil test that was fine. Put a cam sensor in too. Did leak down test on cylinders everything ok. Found that by disconnecting the map sensor that it stopped back firing through manifold and flooding, replaced with new map sensor flooded again only runs really rough with out the map sensor. Allmost like its not firing on some of the cylinders but (coil seems fine did LED pulse test getting a spark too) or the timing is off. No codes?

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 AT 9:25 PM

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