1999 Nissan Maxima engine cuts off while driving.

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While driving the engine will suddenly cut off snd all the dash lights will light up. There is no bucking or jolting. Rpms are smooth. Engine just cuts off similar yo when the car is accidentally shifted into neutral while driving. Pull it over while rolling or stopping the rolling vehicle. Turn off the ignition, place the shifter in park and turn the car back on. Runs perfectly. Check engine light is now on at this point. Car runs fine until it does it again hours or a day later. Check engine light said there was a problem w/ the air flow. Mechanic upon unhookin the box said the air filter was really dirty (it was) and diconnected the top portion and cleaned it thinking that may solve the problem. It did not. I did it again. Check engine light is back on. Haven't checked it because it just happened tonite.
Remembered an occurrance in the past where another vehicle I owned would not start properly or cut off while driving. A bushing in the shifter had worn out and I had to replace it along w/ the insulator and washer spring. My 99 nissan has also been experiecing episodes of not starting. I push the shifter forward and it starts right up.
Any insight into this problem would be appreciated.

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 AT 10:44 PM

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Scan for codes and check fuel pressure first

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Thursday, October 10th, 2013 AT 5:56 AM

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