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I drove my car to work this morning and heard a rattling sound coming from the engine. I drove approximately 7 miles at an average speed of 55 on the highway when I noticed the car wasn't accelerating. I coasted off the highway and into the first gas station when the car stalled. I put gas in it thinking I may have run out of gas since my indicator light has been shot for a long time and I was pretty low when I started my travels. I purchased some oil and put it in the vehicle, hoping that would fix the rattling sound I heard earlier. I waited about a half hour at the gas station, trying to turn the car on without success. The car sounds like it wants to turn over, but it's not making the connection with the engine.

The car is a manual if that matters.

Friday, July 12th, 2013 AT 10:37 AM

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Scan for codes and check fuel pressure first

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Saturday, July 13th, 2013 AT 8:05 AM

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