The vehicle stalls intermittently, as if you.

  • 105,629 MILES

The vehicle stalls intermittently, as if you turned the key off. No DTC or MIL light on. WIth the DRB3 there was 2 codes coming from the SKIM security system. 1=DTC serial link Internal Malfuction 2=EMS status Malfunction. Hooked up a labscope to #2 pin on DTC link connector. Not a true square wave pattern, kinda tapered that goes from 0v to 7.0-7.5v. Read codes only ones that showed up were SKIM security system, 1=serial link external malfunction 2=PCM status malfunction. After a week the vehicle still stalls like you turned the key off. No puttering or smalls indications of a potential stall (example lights flicking or battery light on) it just shuts off. Any ideas or test procedures I am missing?

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Friday, November 16th, 2012 AT 6:59 PM

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