Guys, I have a issue with heating on a.

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  • 1999 JAGUAR XJ8
  • 88,000 MILES

Hi guys, I have a issue with heating on a jaguar X308 (xj8) I see its very common, and ive read many solutions on your site, but still no luck. It wont blow heat at all. A list of the things ive done:
changed the coolant valve
checked the pump - working
ran diagnostic test (OBD) - will blow hot during diagnostic actuator test!
checked matrix, flushed matrix.
gained fault codes, only 23 beeps and is active ( A/C pressure) then suddenly they will all start beeping! 23, 34, 41, 42, 46. And I have found what they all are, but as its virtually impossible for all of them to fail im looking a to a more direct source!
checked ext temp sensor ( which is reading high! Up to 35c when here its between 8-16c) but not faulty, done a temperatuer and resistance test to ensure this.
checked in car aspirator and int temp sensor - working
checked coolant temp sensor - working
the thing is, if the valve, pump, or matrix was faulty, it wouldnt blow hot during the diagnostic test! But it does, its like the system is fine, but its receiving false signals from another source( eg. The control module, or a/c computer itself) to close the coolant valve when it shouldnt be. Like its telling its self its too hot therefore the accm shuts the valve dissalowing any hot coolant to the matrix! I only have a few more suggestions, and after days its getting on a bit now. Next things to do, check the blend door operation, and the heater matrix temp sensor as that is what controls the water valve. Its the last thing I can think of that would cause it other than the accm computer. If you have any suggestions, or anything to back what ive said, that would be fantastic! Many thanks guys!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 AT 5:26 PM

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