1999 Honda Accord "P0730-incorrect gear ratio"

  • 127 MILES
I have Honda Accord 1999 4 dr LX Auto Transmission with 127k Miles

I have been having an issue with my Transmission several months ago which was giving a Jerk at the stop signal (I mean when reducing the speed and coming to the complete stop). It appears that it having trouble engaging gears.

Since yesterday when I’m in D4, when try to accelerate, only the RPM accelerates, just like the car is in neutral, other times it works Fine. This issue occurs when gear changes automatically from gear 2 to 3. (Between speed 5-20). If I cross 25 speed it works good.

I had check engine light on and I have pulled the codes as below:

P0730 - Incorrect Gear Ratio

I really hope that the entire transmission does not need to be replaced. Hopefully it is a computer issue or something.

Flushed the trans with Honda genuine oil a week ago.

Any advise you can give me is greatly appreciated

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It sounds like you may have some internal problems starting to crop up. To keep the gear at the right ratio, either the shift solenoids need to work correctly which would show up in a scan if they were notor a torque converter clutch solenoid. Same thing. It leaves basically only mechanical reasons for failure to shift properly such as;
failed converter, low pump pressure from failing pump or internalk leaks, clutch bad or packs going bad, etc.
So, the best things to do is to have looked at the fluid when you flushed it, if you did not that is okay. If you did, you would be looking for signs of failing clutches and bushings which would leave specs of metal in the oil and make it look burnt and smell burnt.
You are doing the best thing you can for now. You have bought yourself some time to plan for the transmission to be rebuilt because that is where things are headed.
You may want to plan to get another car or start looking for somewhere to get it re-built. Remember, waiting till it dies on the road will cost you a tow and that is not cheap. It can also cost you some extra parts when re-building as letting it fail completely can add to the broken parts list. It is best to re-build it when you know you have to but before catastrophic failure.
Make sure you find a TRANSMISSION repair shop and not just a repair garage. Automatic transmissions take a lot of knowledge and special tools to get them done right. Most garages actually send them out to transmission shops for re-builds and charge you extra, so go straight to the source. This site will help you find a reputable transmission repair facility with the search engine. Not only that it will be one near you. Talk with them and let them see the car so you can get a, "Hands On" opinion. It is hard to give precise advice when texting back and forth. When you find the right transmission shop you will know. Find one that knows Hondas well. They wikll be able to tell you how long you have by looking at the fluid. You should get at least a six month warranty and don't go to AAMCO because they are just overpriced and mass production.
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