Just bought the car and I had a shake in the.

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Just bought the car and I had a shake in the front end of car. Had all 4 wheels balanced but still a shake. It felt like the front left so had it checked by boyfriend and the ball joint(axle) boot was torn and grease everywhere so we replaced it. The other side looked fairly new and thought it would be ok, but still a shake like a bounce on left side. Checked the bearings on all wheels and was fine. Checked front rotors and they were so bad we couldn't turn them so we replaced both front rotors, brakes were just like new so we didn't replace them. Still a shake but then the car's steering began getting stiff checked power steering it was full and no external leaks. It also struggles when driving at any speed like the brakes are partially on. Checked front calipers and one of the pins on each side were sticking so we cleaned and lubricated. Checked the rear and bought one rotor on left side other was ok, bought rear brakes and noticed the rear driver side caliper pin was sticking so we cleaned and lubricated and it was ok. For one day the car ran so smooth and like a feather the next day the car is still shaking in the front and after all this the car is still feeling like it is straining driving down the road. It does appear that when we had it up on a lift that the right side directly under the bumber underneath we saw yellow paint as thought they had ran it over something but we checked and it looked and felt ok tie rods and such. Can you think what else could be causing this. I was thinking that my new rotors up front might be warped from them heating up before we replaced the calipers. I'm tired of spending money and I don't want what I have already spent money on to become defective/ruined by letting this problem continue. If I take it to a shop they will charge me way too much and I can't afford it. Thanks in advance for your help and any suggestions you can offer.
Thursday, January 10th, 2013 AT 1:39 AM

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Shifted belt in a tire. Spin the tire and watch the tread for any off sets

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Thursday, January 10th, 2013 AT 1:47 AM

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