1999 Honda Accord



March, 15, 2011 AT 12:53 PM

I think my 1999 Honda Accord has an exhaust leak. It's making a constant roaring noise when I accelerate over 30 mph and above around 1.5 rpms. The faster I go the louder it gets-but the pitch and general sound stay the same. No performance issues. I'm going to take it in to get it looked at because the noise drives me crazy, but I have no idea how much to expect this to cost. Any ideas on what a reasonable price would be? I know that there are varying levels, so I guess if you could estimate the maximum that would be great.

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May, 27, 2011 AT 8:02 PM

So what happened? Price usually depends on how much extra gets replaced along with actual problem. Generally a preventitive selling tactic.

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