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October, 12, 2013 AT 3:47 PM

Where is the mege fuse located at on a 1999 Taurus SE 3.0 24 dohc? And are there any other place a fuse can be and where are they located? Please show diagram/ where is the alternator located at on the engine and how hard are they to cahange out at home?


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October, 12, 2013 AT 3:59 PM

The MEGA fuse is located on the right hand side of the battery junction box,

To remove the alternator is rather involved, I did find this on line.....

1) Loosen the serpentine belt and take it out--we had to get the belt tool---loaned it from the store. Manual said I should turn the tensioner CCW to loosen it, but it was actually CW; i.e., you should turn it toward you (or you pull it towards you) when you are in front of the car.

2) Take out the tire (right passenger), raise the car. Take out the plastic cover in the fender well. Then you can easily see the bottom of alternator with a bolt head (13mm). There are three bolts holding the alternator. First, unscrew the bottom bolt from the bottom---this was easy. Second, unscrew the same bolt on top from the top--this was also relatively easy. Third, the third one, called strut bolt---this wasn't easy. Some postings referred to this as a SOB. We did it using the technique shown in the video above (around 3:40)--I would call it a "three-nut-technique."

3) Now, we watched the above video over and over again, and using the new alternator, we repeated the motion of pulling out and mentally practiced how we would do it. Like those guys on a rescue mission or something. It is also kind of like pulling a baby out of a womb, there's only a certain angle it would come out without damage, we had to be very delicate.

4) so, here you go, we did it!! We pulled it out of the engine block. We actually didn't do it exactly how it was described in the video, but still it was the right way---you should begin it like that then you would find some room to manoeuvre it around. Thanks joestl314, you the man!

I should mention: we pulled out the controller wire when it was half out and unscrew the bolt for the wire to the fuse box when it was out (to do so, we had to pull it out of the clips along side the cable to the fuse box).

5) So, putting the new one back in was relatively easy, but we still did some practice... DO IT EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE....



October, 12, 2013 AT 4:42 PM

Is the mega fuse for the alternator? Cause someone online said to check the mega fuse 1st cause it could be the problem. Please help I am a girl and never had to work on cars b4, but since I had the taurus I am learning how to do alot myself. It is cheaper so ANY and ALL help is accepted at this point n my life. I dont want to buy a new alternator if I can replace the mega fuse and that really be the problem plus I have been told do the least expensive first cause it might just save me time and money. So again any and all help/advise is aceepted.



October, 12, 2013 AT 4:51 PM

There are actually 2 fuses that need to be checked see pic, if they look ok, you still need to check current with a multi meter or test light can you do this?

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