1999 Ford Explorer



August, 21, 2013 AT 8:54 PM

Hello, I am puzzled with a coolant leak issue. I am using 50/50 mix coolant and I will the radiator to the neck. Problem is after driving a few miles(40-100 miles), I will open the radiator cap and the coolant will be about a half a quart too low. You can still see the coolant but its way down there. The temperature gauge reads correctly but it does run kinda loud and sounds like it has trouble getting to go. I presume that is mileage with it having 225000 miles. The coolant reservoir is bone dry and never keeps coolant in it( it will for a few days then it becomes empty) I was told over a year ago that the timing cover gasket is leaking but the repair isnt worth it with the miles. Should I pressure test it again because I doubt the timing cover would leak as slow as it is for over a year? The water pump and thermostat have never been replaced either nor has the radiator.


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August, 21, 2013 AT 9:44 PM

I would pressure test it you can rent a pressure tester at auto zone.

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