1999 Fiat Punto 60s - engine problem?

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  • 1999 FIAT PUNTO
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I purchased this car 5 weeks ago from a dealer with 3 months warranty with verbal confirmation that the car was mechanically sound - after a little over two weeks (only about 20 miles) the engine started stuttering if I had to accelerate quickly and oil was leaking from the rocker gasket - the dealer repaired the car (took about 3 days to pick it up then returned it about a week later with a promise of no further problems. Two days later I took it for a 3 miles journey to drop my daughter off and it totally overheated so the dealer picked it up stating it was a temperature control switch duly repaired it and returned the car the next day saying he'd checked it over thoroughly and I would not have any further problems. Sunday the oil light came on and stayed on after a short journey to our local shops. Checked the oil levels which appeared fine but the engine was still slightly warm. Yesterday evening the car started fine then the oil light came on flickering slightly as I drove up the road and remained one for about half a mile then flickered and went off. Any idea what could be causing this as I've really had enough of this car now and avoid driving it - please help!

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 AT 1:14 PM

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