Yes, I have a question, I posted a question on.

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Yes, I have a question, I posted a question on your site, Monday oct. 29th, 2012. You say u answer questions free, and this is posted on your website, however my question to this date
November 1, 2012 HAS NOT BEEN ANSWERED!
Thursday, November 1st, 2012 AT 6:35 PM

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We don't have to post it because you already did that for us. Thank you. There has been a problem with the site host not sending out automated e-mails telling us when a reply was posted since Oct. 26th. That lasted about four days and has been fixed about two days ago. I replied to over 150 questions in that time, and I checked every one last night, ... Three people followed up with answers to my questions. On some of them I researched and typed for over an hour, then got no response. On one I typed for WAY over an hour, then had a power failure just as I was moving my mouse to the "Reply" button! I noticed you didn't even post this comment on your original question. Instead you chose to whine and snivel like a child. You didn't even have the common courtesy to ask why no reply was showing up. You just launched into complaining.

To top it all off, there has been a huge rash if people posting worthless questions and they think we're going to know the answer because we're psychic. Why in the world would someone ask about an engine running problem, then not state the engine size, and expect us to know the repair cost? One fellow's entire post was "belt". What are we supposed to do with that? One woman wants to know how much it will cost to repair her crushed fender. A whole bunch of people said they hear a noise, and that's it. No clue if the car has to be moving, turning, braking, nothing. You'd think this information is top secret. We're getting tired of trying to help people who are too lazy to provide any details. One person wants to know why their car is making "a really really loud noise after running over a dead deer", and how much it's going to cost. YOU try to answer that without getting sarcastic!

Go back and look at your original post and see if you provided enough information for us to work with. If you did, and no one answered, perhaps some of us were more busy pumping out our basements or were living in a hurricane shelter. Perhaps the spam advertiser that has been making us angry posted an ad under your post making it look like your question was already answered. Most of us don't look at posts that have answers already. We don't have that much time left in our lives. Now with ObamaCare FREE health care coming, some of us have to come out of retirement and look for a job so we can pay the $2500.00 fine for not buying health insurance. I know you're going to vote for that future dictator because you need someone to hold your hand and take care of you. You can't take care of yourself. You can't even handle it when the world doesn't stop revolving long enough for someone to answer your question. My guess is you're a youngster who is accustomed to everyone else providing for you, and when anyone suggests you look out for yourself, you pout or you lash out. That's a trait of a true liberal.

If you would take the time to research your car problem on just this site alone you would have seen that up until a week ago, there were very few questions without answers, and there are a bunch of them that have over 50 replies in the conversation spanning days or weeks, but we stuck with the people until we found a solution. We often have to send them out to perform some tests, then we have to back up and teach them how to do those tests and interpret the results. If you read through some of those you will see the people provided detailed information and helpful observations. Did you? Furthermore, you chose to complain like a true liberal rather than restate your question out of fear that someone might actually give you a worthwhile answer the second time around. That would be bad because then you wouldn't get to complain. Some people search really hard for a reason to be angry or offended. Some people take responsibility and take action to get results.

Why did you choose to not restate your question here? How do we know you even truly posted one? And right in the middle of hurricane Sandy. If you look at the list of unanswered questions, they all have one thing in common. No one knows the answer. There are so few details that no one could possibly provide an accurate answer. The symptoms are so obscure that none of us has ever run into that problem. So little thought was put into the post that we put just as little effort into trying to help. I put just as much effort into my replies for people who didn't make a donation because I know what it's like to not have money to waste. Many of them post a final reply of thanks. I'm happy I was able to help. I never thought to sit here and snivel that I gave away my experience and expertise for free.

If you would take the time to scroll randomly though the questions here, you would see the kinds of answers some of us provide, and you'd see the kinds of things we can help with. So it would appear if no one was able to answer your question or was willing to put in the time, it is the fault of the person who posted that question, not the numerous people who read it. Put the blame where it belongs.

Now, if you care to restate the question here, I will gladly tell you IF I saw the original post, and IF I read it because it is in one of my specialty areas, and possibly WHY you didn't get a reply. If you don't repost your question we will all know you just want to complain and don't want to do anything that might negate the chance for you to do that.
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Thursday, November 1st, 2012 AT 7:51 PM

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