1999 Dodge Ram



October, 21, 2011 AT 9:47 PM

Is it possible that what I thought was a bad ECM due to refusal of my truck to start and a no bus reading in the odometer, could actually be due to bad battery cables and/or ground wiring?

This truck has had three batteries this year. The first one exploded, the second one got a leak, and the new one-will only work if being jumped by another car-which ironically enough got the mileage out of the odometer today instead of the no bus. Also-as long as the truck was hooked up to my other vehicle, I got the truck to crank up! It wouldn't stay cranked up (anywhere from one turn over to 20-30 secs). I also got the alarm to go off-however, it did go off lightly. I checked the connector to the engine fuse box-it is clean as a whistle-but the clip that pins it down is missing. I had my husband hold it down without the battery being hooked up and it wouldn't crank up at all-it just clicked a lot. Any thoughts? Is there anything else I should look for? The ECM was also replaced about 20k miles ago so that shouldn't even be an issue.


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October, 26, 2011 AT 11:21 PM

First of all, you sound like you have a bad alternator that has destroyed 3 batterys. Replace it and see what happens. I bet that the alt is putting out too much voltage and ac ripples that are causing all kinds of erratic reading for the computer.


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