Heat and air blend door replacement

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The air blows cold (very little warm air) when car is at normal operating temperature. It seems the colder it is outside the cooler the air is coming from vents. When it is 70 degrees outside it might blow 110 degrees but when it is 45 degrees it blows 77 degree air. The temperature control lever does work somewhat, meaning if I move it from hot to cold the air does blow cooler. The coolant is full, the thermostat does work, both hoses to and from the heater core are hot, one more so than the other. Which leads me to think (rightly or wrongly) it is the blend door not operating properly. I have pulled most of the dash apart and cannot find the actuator. I guess I do not know what I am looking for, can you help? I do not have access to a component locator. Thanks for your help.
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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 AT 5:43 PM

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Hey Joebak,

Check out the diagrams (Below)

Turn ignition off. Remove left side lower column cover. Remove ABS control module. Remove mode door actuator connector. Remove mode door actuator. To install, reverse removal procedure. Perform calibration/diagnostics procedure.

The HVAC control module stores trouble codes that a proper reader can retrieve. The system is electronic and the blend door actuator has a specific procedure to calibrate it. The actuator is under drivers side.

1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.
2. Remove the silencer panel from under the driver s side of the instrument panel.
3. Remove the ABS control module.
4. Disconnect the electrical connector from the blend door actuator being serviced.
5. Remove the actuator mounting screws and the actuator.

After it's fixed you might want to recalibrate it. Or you can try recalibrating to see if it begins working first.


Set Blower motor "on high".
Set Mode position to panel.
Open all A/C outlets.
Set Temperature to Cold (Both slide pots if equipped).
Depress WASH and REAR WIPER button simultaneously for five Seconds (Until all LED's light).

All LED's will turn on for five Seconds.
Calibration Test is running when rear wiper and intermittent are alternately. Flashing. Cool down test is running if A/C and RECIRC are alternately flashing.
Acceptable results is REAR WIPER LED is the only LED flashing. Push Rear Wiper to exit.

Check out the diagrams (Below)

Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed.

Cheers, Ken
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