I have a Citroen Berlingo this has been my fav.


I have a Citroen Berlingo this has been my fav van so far, the problem im getting is there are no lights on dashboard only oil light and airbag light. Here is the story from start to finish.

Everything was fine until the battery light came on while I was driving, I disconnected the battery and done a visual check and found nothing, I then reconnected the battery and there was no lights on the dashboard and no badges etc, after a few minutes everything came back on but the battery light was still on.

the next day I removed the alternator and changed the brushes and reconnected everything and got the same fault again (nothing on the dash) but battery voltage was 14V. After about 3 hours everything came back and the battery light was off and charging at 14V. The next day it was really cold and had a bit of trouble starting the engine and took about 20 seconds of cranking to get it to start, but all the cranking drained the battery and the clocks went off again but this time never returned.

I tried a BSI reset but that did nothing, I took it to a repair garage and they plugged a computer in to it and reset it and everything came back to normal again, they drove it around the corner and the BS|I unit started smoking and the wipers where on continuous and all the clocks went off "AGAIN" .

Later that day I got it home with wipers on full, Removed the BSI unit and tried to start it, It started fine wipers where off and wouldnt work (obviously) after a bit of searching on google I found out the immobiliser is part of the ECU and nothing to do with the BSI because it was built before 2002. I found a second hand BSI unit and fitted that and still the clocks dont work. Because the battery was flat I havent tried anything else.

Here is a list of things that didnt work when the clocks where off.

Speedometer, rev counter, fuel gauge, indicators worked but didnt make a clicking noise, time, distance, Heater plug light (didnt check plugs)

from what I can remember that was all. Thanks for reading all this and I look forward to some feedback,

p.S it's a berlingo W REG

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Monday, December 3rd, 2012 AT 10:54 PM

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