How to remove and replace fuel pump and filter.

  • 1999 AUDI A6
  • 176,000 MILES
How to remove and replace fuel pump and filter audi quattro a6
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For the removal of the fuel sender the fuel tank should be a maximum 1/4 full. Drain fuel tank if necessary.

CAUTION: After reconnecting vehicle battery on vehicles equipped with Audi Telematics by OnStar(R), switch-on the emergency (back-up) battery for the Telematic/Telephone Control Module.

Vehicles with coded radio/navigation system (RNS) coding, refer to the Owner's Manual, if necessary.

Audi A6:

Remove cover above battery -arrows-.

NOTE: On vehicles without battery cover: Remove plenum cover.

Disconnect battery Ground (GND) strap -arrow- with ignition switched off.

Audi RS6:

Turn locks -arrow- counterclockwise and remove cover -1-
Remove cover -1- off upward.

With ignition switched off, disconnect battery Ground (GND) cable -arrow-.


Open fuel filler cap briefly and close again
Remove rear seat bench.
Remove screws -arrows- for the cover.

Carefully release 4-pin harness connector and disconnect.


Fire Hazard. Do not smoke, work near heaters or have anything in the area that could ignite the fuel or fumes.
Fuel supply lines are under pressure. Before loosening any lines, cover the connection with a rag. Release the pressure by slowly separating the connection.

Mark fuel supply line -1- and return line -2- and disconnect from closing flange (right side).

WARNING: The closing flange should only be opened if the fuel tank is maximum 1/4 full. Otherwise large quantities of fuel escape. Drain fuel tank if necessary.

Remove closing ring for sender for fuel gauge using 3087 wrench.
Remove closing flange and seal from tank opening.

Disconnect both harness connector for fuel gauge -1- and -2- on inside of closing flange.

Disengage distributor connector -1- at lower part of accumulator by pressing distributor connector slightly to left side of vehicle and lift upward -arrow-.
Release return line -2- from distributor connector and disconnect.

NOTE: For better illustration purpose the accumulator is shown without fuel tank.

In addition, unlock quick coupling line connector of return pipe with Unblocking Tool T40020.

Insert 3307 fuel pump wrench through fuel tank opening into inner part of accumulator.
Using 3307 fuel pump wrench, turn fuel pump module approx. 15 degrees to right (to stop).

Notch -1- must then align with marking -2- (bayonet lock)
Lift out fuel pump together with inner part of accumulator.

Installation is the reverse of removal, however note the following:

NOTE: Replacement hose clamps must be the same type of clamp that was used in production

Install fuel pump module into tank with notch -1- on fuel pump module lining up with marking -2- on outside of fuel pump module.
It should feel that it is possible to press fuel pump module down.

Insert 3307 Fuel Pump Wrench through fuel tank opening and place on accumulator.

Using 3307 fuel pump wrench, turn fuel pump module approx. 15 degrees to right (to stop).
Notch -1- must then align with marking -3-.
Insert solid line -3- and hose -5- in relevant openings of accumulator -6-.

Push return line -1- onto distributor connector -4- until hose coupling engages.


Always use new O-rings -7- for the return line.
Lubricate O-rings for return line with fuel or lubricant.
Clip solid line -3- into distributor connector -4- while distributor locks into accumulator -6-.

Reconnect harness connectors -1- and -2- for fuel gauge to inside of closing flange.
Insert new seal for closing flange dry into fuel tank opening.

Ensure that wiring for fuel pump -2- and fuel return line -1- is correctly routed when installing closing flange.

When installing, turn closing flange in direction of arrow, as shown in illustration.

Install closing flange into tank opening. Note installation position:
Marking on closing flange -1- must align with marking -2- on fuel tank.

NOTE: The -arrow- points toward the front of the vehicle.

Tighten closing ring with 120 Nm (89 ft lb).
Install fuel supply and return lines as previously marked.
Install cover for closing flange with indentation over connector.

NOTE: With Battery re-connected, remember to activate electrical equipment (radio, clock, window switches) according to operating instructions.

Generate readiness code.

Tightening torque
Component Tightening torque
Closing ring for fuel pump delivery module 145 Nm (106 ft lb)
Battery connections 5 Nm (44 in. Lb)
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