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Well I took my 98 Volvo S70 to the local dealership and was told that I needed an instrument panel module replaced. Now, I'm told that everything on the panel is working except the odometer and that they cannot reset it. Makes me wonder if the instrument panel is truly repaired? That was for a cost of $1200. Now, they tell me that to get the car inspected, I need to replace the ABS module, rear brakes and rotors, and get 2 new tires on the rear at a cost of a little over $1850. In the past the ABS module could be temporarily reset for the inspection but they have been trying to sell me one every time I take the car in. I am seriously thinking of telling them if the car will now run and the battery isn't going to die every 24 hours that I will not have the additional work done. I think I can get the work done cheaper (everything but maybe the ABS module) at some place other than the Volvo dealer. I won't have an inspection sticker, but if all I'm doing is moving the car from one side of the street to the other for the street sweepers twice a week, I think I can risk it. I see no reason why the brakes and tires can't be done somewhere else. Can I find an ABS module online cheaper than they are offering at the dealership? So does this sound like a reasonable plan? Anyone know of a reliable mechanic that can work on Volvo cars in the Charleston WV area?

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Sunday, July 10th, 2011 AT 3:01 PM

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