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Okay, my 1998 2.0L jetta runs great, works well minus one situation, I was heading north on the highway from red deer, to edmonton last night at about 130am. It was snowing extremely heavily outside, light fluffy snow, but falling quite heavily, approximatly half way between red deer and edmonton, all acceleration in my accelerator gave out, and the car stalled, car sounds like it is chugging when I try to turn it back over, like the spark plugs are firing, but there no combustion or spark? I recently within the past two weeks did an over haul on the car as well, as this problems has happened 4 times now after the third time, I changed the spark plugs of course, air filter, got new tires, new brakes, new roaders, and a new oil filter housing seal unit put in, omn top used a bottle of gas line anti freeze one tank of gas, followed by a bottle of injector cleaner the tank of gas after, the problem after these repairs subsided for about two weeks I was even able to wash it without it stalleing after, but then last night with the snow storm it happened, I ended up paying 500$$ for a tow truck back into the city :((((( I love thuis car dont want to sell it please some one help me out, or I will have to sell it!

Monday, March 18th, 2013 AT 12:55 AM

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