This car had a new engine fitted free by.

  • 106,000 MILES

This car had a new engine fitted free by Vauxhall which has done 43000 miles. Today, an AA check showed the alternator was failing since I could not start after a 65 mile run. AA jump-started me and I got home. After letting the engine run for a while in the hope of some charge to the 2 months old new battery, I switched off the ignition and re-started it. Nothing happened, all lights and dashboard lights were flat but I got a message on the display showing "Automatic Gearbox" and three warning lights on the dashboard showing "engine" "brakes" and "ATS"> I have never had a problem with the gear change or automatic gearbox, So
I am wondering if this could indicate a failure of some mechanism which drives the alternator, or the alternator
itself? I hope there is nothing wrong with the gearbox. I will be taking the car in to a local Vauxhall mechanics
shop tomorrow (when I can get it started) but I would apprevcaiet an opinion beforehand if possible.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 AT 6:13 PM

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