I got a Renault 1200 CC 4cyl.

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I got a renault 1200 cc 4cyl 8valve from 98 with a defective speed dail

So now and again it goes down and doesn't come up
And this happends when ever it wants

so what can I do to rule out a few things like de speedo itself or the sensor or even maybe the cable that runs betweens these two
I have heard that there is a huge sprocket on the flywheel that runs the sensor is made from plastic ( hard to think that ) and can brake after a few years of getting warm and cold and get brittle
some say its the sensor but this rease a bigger question, where can I find the sensor

please help me cuase I dont want to get a speed fine anytime soon here in holland

thanks for youre time

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 AT 12:30 PM

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