Very Strange problem, my car will run perfectly.

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Very Strange problem, my car will run perfectly fine on cooler days or at night but the minute the sun comes out and it gets warm or hot outside, the car will die every time I come to a complete stop. Like coming up to a traffic light or a stop sign, the car will start sputtering and die. If I try to give it gas, it just sputters and peters out and dies. This ONLY happens when its sunny or warm outside. Also when I have a full tank of gas it seems to do it less, when I start getting lower on fuel it does it every friggin 30 seconds. Its extremely frustrating ive taken it to 2 mechanics who replaced a couple sensors and called it fixed, and it didn't fix anything. One mechanic said the fuel pump could be going bad. But my question is, if the pump is going bad, why the heck does the outside temperature cause the issues? The thermostat was replaced as well, and the car runs normal temps, etc, no smoke, no bad head gasket, and a new gas cap. I cannot figure out what demons are living in my car. Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS. Also when it does sputter out and die when I come to a stop I throw it in neutral and it fires right back up and drives fine, as long as im accelerating. The minute I decelerate or stop, it sputters and dies again.

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Friday, March 1st, 2013 AT 9:51 PM

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