While on the highway coming home from an almost.

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While on the highway coming home from an almost 2 hour drive my catalytic converter began totally smelling of rotten eggs. The check engine light began flashing, by the time I got off the highway the engine seized and could not restart. The code pulled was P0305. After almost 4 days of working on the vehicle I've determined that #5 injector went bad or the small rubber o-ring became dislodged(no plastic tip on this injector) and caused the injector to spray way too much fuel, for who knows how long (no noticeable performance change felt by me before breakdown) and then the cat became plugged.***This diagnosis could be wrong and the excess fuel was produced another way*** I have replaced the injector, tested and swapped many coil packs (I have extra), replaced spark plugs, replaced starter due to frying original from over cranking to turn over very flooded engine, and bored out cat. I know how illegal and environmentally wrong this action is, but I am strapped for cash at the moment and my vehicle is my job, so I have to do what I have to do until I can afford another catalytic converter. I finally got her running but I have a noticeable miss fire and code P0303 generating. My only thought currently is that something must be wrong #3's injector. This is a 98 Maxima so I will need to take the manifold off again to access that injector.
Do you think the injector is the likely problem? Or is it the modified cat? Some other consequence of the flooding and cat plugging? I am confident that the coils and spark plugs are fully functional. I take considerably good care of this car, but I have had a code on and off very intermediately for I think the EGR Valve(P1440), but have been resetting it.
During the attempted repairs the last week I have also generated codes for the Crankshaft Position Sensor(below belt), and some P0300's. Where do you think I should look to solve this miss fire? Thank you in advance.
I also did an oil change due to the raw fuel release, mixed with oil.

There is a nonstop flow of white smoke from the exhaust as well.
Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 AT 3:16 PM

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White smoke is burning coolant. Have a leak down test done to see if a head gasket is bad

Was this
Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 AT 3:59 PM

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