Have a 98 Eclipse 2

  • 228,000 MILES

Have a 98 Eclipse 2.0 with possible spun bearing (oil plug came out of oil pan). It happened a mile from home and was not driven but towed to mechanic due to knocking sound. There was grit on the dipstick with very little oil residue. Four years ago I had top half of engine rebuilt - machined head, reseated valves, new water pump, new timing belt. Mechanic told me today that if I only replace the bearings/inserts that it could still throw a rod. Told me the bearing was not "spun" but "scarred" even though he didn't look at the crankshaft or rods. He also told me that he changed the oil and put an additive in and the knocking sound was barely audible. I saw and felt the grit on the dipstick and it was not present before the knocking sound started last night. My father tells me the mechanic should be able to replace the bearings and polish the crankshaft. The mechanic tells me that rarely works because the bearings will not properly fit where the old ones have worn. Mechanic wants between $2000 and $2500 to rebuild or replace the engine. Any input would be very much appreciated. I've been restoring the car and would like to keep it. Thank you, CJ.

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 AT 11:58 PM

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