1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee



August, 11, 2012 AT 10:24 PM

So recently I found out that valvoline put too much oil in my car the last I was there. The oil pressure gauge reads zero when I come to a stop while in drive or reveres but in neutral or park I have no problems. No check engine lights come on no other warning sounds or otherwise. Ive since changed the oil and the filter and it did it again. And again no lights no bells and whistles telling me to stop and the engine seems to be running the same. Ive recently moved to a much higher elevation and was perhaps that could be the issuse but I dont know. Any help would be nice. Ive also heard that the oil pressure sending unit can go out on these but like I said no check engine light or STOP that popped up when my vehical became overheated last month. Its a 98 jeep grand cherokee limited 5.9L V8.

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August, 11, 2012 AT 10:28 PM

Check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge if its normal replace oil pressure switch-start here

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