First of all I know next to nothing about cars

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First of all I know next to nothing about cars. I own a 98 honda prelude automatic with a manual shift option. The car shifts slightly hard (not a violent jerk) into 2nd gear and 4th gear when its in automatic mode but down shifts perfectly fine. However, when I use the manual option I can get a smooth shift each time in any gear. I took it to two transmission shops, both of which said I need a complete rebuild. I dont know if I can trust those shops because I heard transmission shops are infamous with ripping people off. Keep in mind I know nothing about cars but my theory is that it could be a sensor because maybe its not reading when to shift at the right time? Sound possible? I dont know how to respond to people on here so after you give an answer if you need any more details please email me at zmpappada at yahoo. Thanks tons please email if needed! Thanks!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 AT 7:01 PM

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