1998 Honda Civic



July, 17, 2012 AT 2:37 AM

Hi, I am still having the same problem with this car I have. Today I drove about 20 minutes to my school mainly on the highway then when I got to my school I was parked and the guage started going up about 2 minutes after I parked. Then the fan kept coming on and off but it looks like the fan isn't staying on long enough it goes on for about 10 seconds tops then goes off. It looks to me theres a problem with this fan motor. How long should the fan motor be staying on for and how do you test this fan motor to make sure this is the problem. Also I noticed the overflow tank for the radiator was full to the top. Please help. Thank you

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July, 17, 2012 AT 3:04 AM

Usually when the fan motors fail they just stop working the dont turn off and on. Could be a bad coolant temp sensor or loose connection etc.

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