1998 Honda Accord



January, 9, 2011 AT 1:35 AM

We have a slow battery drain in our car. We have had all the major things in the engine checked out and nothing can be found that would be causing this and so it has been suggested that it is something electrical. At the same time, something is off with my power locks. The remote power lock keychain no longer works to unlock/lock the doors, or set the alarm system, though I can hear it trying to work and is relatively new (so I don't think the batteries in the little unit are bad). When I manually unlock the drivers side door, all the other doors unlock. When I manually unlock the passenger side door, all the locks EXCEPT the drivers side door unlock. I have to manually press down the lock on the drivers side door to get it to lock, though the power lock button on the drivers side door works to lock all the other doors in the car. Anyway, my question is: Can this problem with the lock/alarm system be the root of my ongoing battery drain issue and if so, what kind of auto shop do I need to take it to?


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January, 9, 2011 AT 11:11 AM

Yu need to perform a parasitic drain test to find out which system is causing the problem.

Get an ammeter and disconnect the battery negative terminal. Install the ammeter between the battery terminal and negative cable and allow to settle for a few minutes. Note the amperage rreading, should be below 0.05 amps. If amperage is high, start by pulling the main fuses and bnote which fuse causes the amperage to drop.
That would be the circuit to look for.

" When I manually unlock the passenger side door, all the locks EXCEPT the drivers side door unlock."

I am confused by the above statement, can you elaborate?



January, 9, 2011 AT 4:07 PM

Normally, when I use the key to manually unlock either the passenger side door or the drivers side door, all the rest of the doors in the car unlock as well. As of now, I have to resort to using the key as the only way to unlock the drivers side door and the other locks in the car no longer respond when I do.



January, 9, 2011 AT 9:26 PM

As the remote keyless entry is not working try setting the wiper delay ring to center position turn the ignition on and off once then back on try them now, the may have been asleep.

If it does not work, it indicates a fault with the driver door switch which is not communicating with the control unit or it could be communicating as you mentioned it trying to work but the switch could be faulty or out of adjusment resulting in the other doors not being opened.

It could also be due to a faulty driver door lock actuator, which is quite likely as operating the passenger door does not unlock the driver door.

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